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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.


Voice Enabled Widgets



Add Jajah to Google gadgets

The JAJAH Google gadget adds web-activated telephony to your personalized Google homepage.



The ifbyphone-reminder Widget lets you schedule reminder telephone calls. Set a date, time and reminder message and the ifbyphone system calls you at the designated time and reads you the message.



Call Notify – a powerful new tool for converting text into phone calls. This VoIP based application allows a person with a speaking or hearing disability to type text and have it delivered as a computerized voice message to someone’s telephone.  The application is a one-way VoIP service that uses a text to speech synthesizer to generate a voice message and call the designated number.



See and listen to your mobile phone voicemail messages from your desktop with CallWave Virtual Voicemail. It’s free and works with any cell phone and service provider nationwide.


Skype Developer Zone

Using Skype on your iGoogle or webpage!! Skype is only for communication?? I have an idea to use it for reminding your friends. Remind what?? Anything. Sending happy birthday message, conference call, morning call...etc. Try it soon.

FlashPhone Logo

Flash-based voip SIP based softphone, allows to call right from webpage. Adobe flash required.

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Mindgram Phone Call
Mindgram lets users schedule outbound calls to US and Canada phones with text to speech read messages spoken by a computer.

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Broadcast your voice.  The phonevite gadget is a communication tool that enables you to instantly record a message, in your own voice, and broadcast it to multiple phone numbers, landline or mobile.

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ViewCade Solutions, Inc.

Emergency voice alerts.  send voice (TTS or Recorded), text (SMS) messages with ease. The ViewCade Notification Widget can be added to any webpage to enable visitors to send voice (Recorded) and text (SMS) messages. Users simply type the recipient's phone number, enter the message or record your own by click on Record button and speak to the microphone, and click submit.

Snapvine - Say It Out Loud

Send Voice Comments by e-mail. Voice Comments are a way for you to record your voice and send it out to many people at once. Anyone can receive them. Need help on a math question? Send a shout out to your class. Soccer practice canceled? Send a shout out to you team.


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