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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.

Social Networking Voice Applications

There are now more than 2 dozen voice apps on Facebook alone! 



Party Line

Party Line is a great way to talk to your Facebook friends instantly and simultaneously. You and up to five of your friends can talk for free. Just click to talk with your buddies spontaneously


Telephone by babyTEL allows you to call and talk using VoIP for free with all your Facebook friends on line or just leave a message.  You make your calls with the eggphone, an online telephone that runs on almost any computer, Mac or PC, using Java and loads automatically in seconds. The eggphone lets you make and receive calls even when you're not on the Facebook website.

Talk with everyone all together – community calling for your online groups.  Conduct phone conference calls with up to 250 friends directly in facebook. You can control who can talk and record it for later listening or podcasting. You can talk through the web page (and text chat) or dial-in from the PSTN.


JohnnyVoIP allows to you easily communicate and chat with your facebook contacts through voice, video and instant messaging. Simply add this VoIP application and watch your friends come online! No installation required.  or

Browser based VoIP Java Application.  C2Call lets you make web-based (VoIP) phone calls straight from your browser with excellent voice quality. It works like web-based email without any software installation. You can talk to anybody on facebook free.  It is a java widget that works with Windows, MAC and Linux. or

Add audio to photos 

Talking Photos.  Every picture tells a story, but not necessarily the one you want. Add your voice to any photo or use your favorite movie lines. Put words in people's mouths or thoughts in their heads, and unleash your inner control freak. The picture will stay the same, but what it says is entirely up to you.  or


SightSpeed - World's Best Voice and Video Calling

SightSpeed is free video chat, VoIP / voice calling and Video Mail for both Macs and PCs. Call, Text or Video Mail all your friends using SightSpeed. or 

JanglMe - Unlimited Text and Voice. Text or talk with all your facebook friends. Manage all your text messages and voicemails from one interface. Start texting now: it's unlimited and FREE


Facebook voicemail. High quality voice messaging for facebook! Get a microphone chat, talk, socialize. Voice enable the Wall, Groups, and Photos. Create a VoiceProfile.





Reach me on my mobile.  Lets your friends reach you for FREE directly on your mobile or PC from your profile:  Call and chat, Text and voice messaging, File sending (photos, music, video), “Buzz” you to get you online.  Your contact information will always stay private and you contol your preferences for who can reach you and how.




            GET a BUZ, Send a BUZ

Make yourself heard on Facebook – and connect your cellphone with personal voice messages.  Greet friends with a mix of your voice and favorite music. Friends record a public or private Buz voice message for you. Public messages can be heard by visitors. Broadcast your own voice to a group of friends or mix it with music for a special occasion -birthday, holiday, tell her you love her and more.  Enter your cell phone number and receive Buz's right into your cell voicemail.* Your phone won't ring - how cool is that? You can send a Buz from your cell phone too!!  Call 888-5-SENDABUZ (888-573-6322) and send a voice message to any cell phone.  Or you’re your number into the widget and it will call you to record. or




Share speaking characters.  Add your voice and a cool Voki Voice Avatar to your profile and your newsfeed. Use your phone or a mic, customize your Voki Voice Avatar, and send speaking animated messages to friends. Make your profile and messages stand out.


Talkr Voice Chats.  Fun voice chats among lots of people! Create your own voice chat rooms or use our Commons community Rooms to make new friends and sound off to our current friends! No software to download.        


Snapvine: the voice wall for Facebook.  Snapvine lets you exchange Voice Comments with your Facebook friends, directly on your profile page. (It's like a wall post, but better because you use your own voice.) It's free and you can use any phone.



Its good to hear your voice.  Voice Message enables you to add a voice message to your Facebook profile. You can update your message anywhere, any time you want, even when you're not at your computer. Simply by using your phone.


Be a DJ and create and share customizable music mixes. Choose a player from our library of funky designs, add your tracks, add voice intros using your microphone, post mixes to your profile, and send to your friends.  or


MyPhone keeps your phone number private.  Lets Facebook friends call your phone or leave a voice message while you keep your phone number private.  It allows you to control who can call your phone from Facebook.

Voice-Me.  Use Voice-Me for birthdays, meeting up with friends, holidays, special occasions, invitations or to simply leave a personal message for someone special in your life. It's super-easy because you don't need a mic...any telephone/cellphone will do.


Voice to E-mail.  Web Voice E-Mail allows to send e-mail voice messages from this page to any existing e-mail software.  If you are tired of typing e-mail messages, this tool is for you. With Voice E-Mail you can create and e-mail sound/video messages to your contacts directly from a website. For people with disabilities who find it difficult to type.


Voicemail.  With Voicemail you can now send and receive voice messages through Facebook, just like having voicemail on your phone. All you need is the application and a microphone and you can start sending messages to your friends.


Chatablanca voice & video chat rooms.  Chatablanca is not your regular boring chat. Now you can view many webcams at the same time, use with comic-style text chat or voice.


Voice Tag.  Live VOICE and voice messaging. Tag is a voice connection to you. Talk live with your friends or leave each other voice messages, right through your browser.

Talking SMS.  PhoneBugger is a nifty little app that lets you send messages to your friends' phones (and your own phone) - to say happy birthday, to remind you to get out of bed, or just to share something really, really funny. You can type your own message and our phoneBugger voice will read it over the phone - try it out. Scare your friends by having a slightly creepy computerized voice talk to them. or

Smartphone.  Free phone to phone call and conferencing You control all your phone calls from your facebook page. and

Call your friends, phone to phone, via Talkbook.  Submit your preferred phone number (cell, home or work). Then, simply click on your friends’ pictures to connect with them anywhere in North America. That’s it. When your phone rings, answer the call and start talking.



Listen to your friends.  Called In is a free service that lets you record a message with your phone and have it appear instantly on Facebook. You can also listen to all of your friends messages right from your phone. Called In is a great way to keep in touch... finally, you can dial everyone.


Add smileys to laugh, cry, bitch, burp, fart and others funny sound effects during your live telephone call. It works with your cell, home and office telephone and it’s free.

Talk to me.  Talk To Me! allows you to send and receive voice and audio taunts and messages over facebook. It brings facebook messaging and taunting to a whole new level with live voice and speech.


Call greetings with songs.  Send Free Call Greetings to your friends.  Play your message and song on your friend's phone for Free.  It works internationally.


See the demo

Make all your calls local. Never pay for international calls again!. Talkster is a FREE service to call one friend or a group of up to 5 friends at once. Free long distance, international and group conference calls. No headsets. No payments. Works from any mobile or landline phone in more than 30 countries.

Tokbox video chat.  Voice or video chat with your friends on Facebook or leave video mail and voice mail for your friends directly on your profile!  or

This is a Facebook page, but it could be any page.

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