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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.

Outbound click to call – connecting the web to your phone


Free VoIP - calls for free

Watch Some Ads, Make Free International VoIP Calls.  EvaPhone is an advertising supported web based flash application that provides Internet telephone calls to PSTN phones around the world for free.  The company is based in Russia.


Voice and video click to call. Inexbee, a french company, has just launched a complete service enabling the convergence between web and telephony. and a click to call service  Only French numbers are accepted at this time.


TeleMessage Home Page

One to Many Messaging.  From an Internet browser, telephone or WAP device, a One to Many Messaging user can send a single text or voice message to any group of people on any device (phone, wireless phone, e-mail, wireless text messaging, instant messaging, fax or pager) and receive back replies. No matter how recipients prefer to receive their communications.

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Put a calling button in your e-mail or blog. Jajah enables you to put your buttons on your website, your blog, your e-mail signature, your online auctions and classifieds or your social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace and more.  You can set the time when you are free to accept phone calls.

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Don't give out your number, post a link and get a call.  dukaLINK is click to call technology in its most simple form - an easy to install link that triggers phone calls. Instead of using complicated code, dukaLINK provides you with a standard URL that can be placed on any Web site or email. When site visitors or email recipients click a dukaLINK they're taken to an input form and prompted for their phone number to automatically call you for free.  dukaLINKs assure your privacy by forwarding calls to you at the number you've designated and can be "disabled" when no longer needed. These links are especially useful for online classifieds, auction sites, social networking or anywhere you prefer to keep your personal phone number hidden.

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dukaLINK - Post a Link. Get a Call.


Zero Configuration Click to Call. If you can type your telephone number into a blog, email message or web page, you can add Click-to-Call capabilities to your business.  Phone–Me–Now even works in Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations and PDF documents.

Add their “Have Questions call button?


SpokenBuzz Call Me Button for your desktop or web-page.   Call any number Free from your desktop simply by typing in a phone number. Your phone will ring and SpokenBuzz will connect you to the number you typed in. Your computer is not used during the call, it is simply used to initiate the call. Connect calls to your land-line or mobile phone.


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Give voice to your website.  Loquaxity isn't just a click-to-call service, it is a fully featured voice platform capable of turning your web site into a completely new communication media.



Send a voice telegram. Mindgram is a telegram reminder service that allows you to send a voice message to any U.S. and Canadian telephone number at a scheduled time. Use it to remind yourself or others of an important appointment, deliver a special message, or simply to make your own phone ring at a specific time. There are many ways to use this service. Just imagine the possibilities!

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Get a wake up call from Hannah Montana.  Jump-start your kid’s school routine with a special greeting from Hannah Montana.  Just select which Hannah Montana message you want to send, fill out your information, and pick the date and time of the call. You can even sign up for a message customized with your child’s favorite after school activity!


Call the future.  CallTheFuture calls the specified number at a given time in the future with the given return name and says the text you have provided.  It allows you to give yourself a business reminder,  a wake up call, or to give yourself a reason to leave a meeting.



Hotel Search and call.  Before your next trip, use this innovative tool to map hotels in your destination city with available rooms that meet your criteria.  Check their price range, then click to call,  It uses your computer’s microphone to enable you to speak directly with the hotel’s PSTN phone.


Customer conversations made simple.  Click n' Talk is a Web-based service that seamlessly and cost effectively enables all the the ways that online businesses can talk to their customers (e-mail, chat, VoIP, phone, mobile). Click n' Talk can be set up in minutes, is easy to use and you can try it for free.



YackPack WalkieTalkie Widget
Voice chat with other Google users, like walkie-talkie!


Talk with your twitter friends.  A Phweet is a shortURL (like TinyURL) that makes conversations and conference calls possible between Twitter friends and across other social networks. Let your friends know you are talking. Invite them to join in. No numbers, no new profiles. It really is that simple.



Now you can be called by a click.  Sitòfono is a click-to-call button to place into your website that enables your visitors to call you for free on your telephone. Choose your strategy: you can insert Sitòfono in your Homepage, into an order form, in your e-mail signature, or, if you prefer, on your advertising banner.  Use your PC’s microphone or your regular phone.  Connects globally.

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