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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.

Language translation and learning


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Learn a new language.  You can now use a VoIP application to learn a foreign language. There are now more than 20 language pairs offered by learitlists.


Real time language translation – say it in English and hear it in Mandarin.JAJAH.Babel has launched a simple service that puts a translator on the other end of the phoneline. Developed in conjunction with IBM Research, JAJAH.Babel lets you call a local number in China, the US, the UK and Australia, speak a message in Chinese or English, and hear a corresponding translation.  You can even carry on a conversation between two parties with each party speaking in their own language.


Give it a try by calling +1.718.513.2969         



Learn any language online with live classes, and real teachers.  Myngle is the global language e-learning marketplace, where teachers and students from all over the world can connect to provide live voice language classes to learn new languages and cultures. The application takes advantage of Skype to connect you with any tutor located anywhere around the globe.


Live video language learning with people around the globe.   eduFire offers one-on-one sessions from hundreds of experienced tutors around the world. Instead of hiring a force of professional teachers, eduFire lets anyone become a tutor, and relies on the community to identify the most qualified members. The lesson is conducted through the site's flash-based chat app, after which the student pays the teacher through credit card or PayPal.

Washington Post: Language tutoring over video chat.

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