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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.

E-mail by Phone


E-mail by phone.  Mail By Phone not only READs your email to you when new e-mail arrives, but also allows you to reply, forward, and delete unwanted e-mail.  Mail By Phone utilizes advance speech recognition technology allowing you to dictate your email and send it out entirely by speech.




Convert Voice to E-mail. Jott converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. Talk to Jott : call  (866) JOTT-123/(866) 568-8123.  And with Jott links, users can call Jott and leave voice-to-text messages to a variety of social networking applications from twitter, to Yahoo! groups, blogger.


Earthlink E-mail by voice. EarthLink's Email by Phone services will support those with impaired motor coordination, the blind or those with a general inability to use mobile web devices. Keypad interfaces are replaced with simple voice commands and the visual display is replaced with text-to-voice translation which reads the information to the user from any telephone connection without requiring any additional hardware. Users can listen to, save, delete, forward, and compose messages with voice or  


E-mail by phone. is an interactive and user-friendly ad-supported free service.  Dial a toll-free number and entering your password. uses voice recognition technology that lets you control all of its functions with your voice. To listen to a message, say "Read it." To reply, say "Send a reply."


E-mail by phone.



Email-By-Phone.  Listen to voicemail messages by phone. Email is read to you by an automated assistant. Reply to emails with a voice message that is sent as an attachment.

Simple Signal

E-mail has found its voice.  By calling into your virtual assistant you can: Read or listen to your emails on the go, read or listen to your visual voicemail, listen to your daily schedule, verbalize the addition of a particular task to your daily schedule, verbalize your appointments on the fly, use voice commands to call back email senders, use voice commands to access your calendar, use Outlook instantly to notify attendees of a schedule change by email.


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