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Innovative and often free Internet enabled voices services. They aren’t a telephone replacement – but often something entirely different. They are examples of what happens when MacGyver meets VoIP. For 100 years we have answered our phones, now they can answer to us.

Conferncing and collaboration


Reliable, Easy-to-Use Web Conferencing. Live Meeting runs alongside and is integrated with Office and PowerPoint in particular.  It can handle two-way VoIP and PSTN calls, video conferencing, support for many file types (chiefly Office), recording, whiteboard and tools for annotation that can be used during a presentation.

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Travel less. Meet online.  Work with anyone anywhere around the world.  Turn conference calls into interactive online tours.  WebEx Integrated VoIP is a low cost alternative to telephone-based audio conferences. Integrated into the WebEx meeting experience, VoIP audio an ideal solution for meetings with few active speakers and many listeners.

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Cisco Systems, Inc.

Connect in person, from anywhere. Cisco TelePresence creates lifelike, in-person experiences so that people everywhere can work, live, play, and learn together in person, over the network.  Here

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Cisco TelePresence


With Jajah conference calls, you can call up to 10 people on their regular phones. It allows you to schedule and initiate cheap conference calls by completing an easy-to-use online setup form. There are no call-in numbers or passwords.


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Calliflower makes it easy for people to plan, participate and follow-up on engaging and meaningful conference calls that bridge business and social networks.  You can invite participants; connect using a traditional phones or Skype, see names, pictures and caller status as people join, and control the call from a web site.


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High Definition Conference Calling.  In 2006, Hoboken New Jersey based Vapps, Inc. launched Hi-Def Conferencing becoming the first and only high-definition (HD) conference calling service. HDC partnered with Yahoo, MSN, Skype, and Gizmo and today provides the highest quality solution for home offices, small to medium-size business, organizations and trade associations seeking high-end audio conferencing that provides quality, flexibility and reliability.


Vidivic, your partner in web conferencing. Hold your business meetings online. Vidivic powers online meetings, web conferencing, teleconferencing and video conferencing services. Vidivic requires just a browser and a webcam with headset or a telephone. Easily invite your business partners and meet in the comfort of your own office.


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Create Easy Online Meetings – Anytime, Anywhere.  Free VoIP and audio conferencing for both Mac and PC are now integrated to deliver a seamless, high-quality experience with the newest releases of GoToMeeting. True one-click meetings are now possible with this new combination of VoIP, phone and web conferencing for small-group online meetings and large-group Web events.


Meet, Communicate, Collaborate.  Meet with anyone, anywhere with a web browser, a PC with broadband Internet connectivity, and audio in/out capabilities. It's that simple.  Convenos delivers integrated web conferencing as a Skype 3.0 Extra.

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The ConfreeCall plug-in for Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger lets you make free conference calls from your Yahoo! Voice Messenger client, your Windows Messenger, and from a regular telephone. You can start, schedule and control calls directly from your Voice Messenger client. or

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