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110 billion in consumer savings




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Accelerating the transition to VoIP technologies not only helps businesses and consumers, it is essential for achieving a wealth of broader policy goals from improving health care to tackling global warming. 

Middle-income Americans are struggling financially to keep their homes and pay their bills.  VoIP competition can save consumers an astounding $110 billion over the next 5 years – putting real money back into consumers’ pockets through the power of competition at a time when families really need it.  And by harnessing VoIP as a broadband driver, just a 7% increase in broadband adoption could create nearly 2.4 million more jobs per year. In fact, VoIP is now projected to be the number one job creator of any industry in the country.  
Americans are also being held hostage to skyrocketing gas prices.  However with the help of  VoIP, people can bring their work phones home, telecommute, and open home based businesses.  If everyone who could took full advantage of telecommuting, the reduction in miles driven would save $3.9 billion a year in fuel and the time savings would be equal to 470,000 jobs.
Our nation remains vulnerable to catastrophic communication failures. However, greater use of VoIP technologies can help make Americans more safe and secure.  As the Joint Advisory Committee on Communications Capabilities of Emergency Medical and Public Health Care Facilities told Congress (report):

“In the event of a major 9/11 type attack, anthrax attack or flu-pandemic, offices could be inaccessible but employees will still need to communicate. Workers with access to broadband could still work using IP VPNs and broadbandenabled nomadic VoIP phones, and could immediately work from home or other broadband-enabled locations. By disconnecting voice from the underlying infrastructure, nomadic interconnected VoIP allows displaced workers to utilize their existing work phone number from any broadband-enabled location.”

By harnessing VoIP as a broadband driver, a major report found that a 7% increase in broadband adoption could create:
  • $92 billion through 2.4 million jobs created or saved annually
  • $662 million saved per year in reduced healthcare costs
  • $6.4 billion per year in mileage savings from unnecessary driving
  • $18 million in carbon credits associated with 3.2 billion fewer lbs of CO2 emissions per year in the United States
  • $35.2 billion in value from 3.8 billion more hours saved per year from accessing broadband at home.
  • $134 billion per year in total direct economic impact of accelerating broadband across the United States
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