Live examples of IP to PSTN VoIP applications

Innovative and often free web based services are transforming the way we communicate. Voice 2.0 applications are integrating voice into a wide variety of different applications and services – from voice blogs to video games. There are now more than 2 dozen VoIP applications in Facebook alone – most of which connect to the PSTN in one way or another. These are not a new kind of telephone, but represent a whole new frontier in communications. VoIP is allowing people to communicate in entirely new ways – connecting friends together on MySpace, giving voice to blogs, transforming video games, enabling political satire, integrating voice and video into instant messaging, enabling people with disabilities to access a host of new accessibility tools not previously possible, allowing one telephone number to reach all your phones, enabling new privacy communication tools, ushering in a new era of voice recognition based information retrieval tools, and integrating click to dial functionality into mapping and other web sites.

Speak up, give your voice a try

VoiceMail to PSTN.

A web user can use their microphone to leave a voice mail message on a web site. After leaving a voice mail message, the application dials a PSTN number for someone associated with the web site -- in this case the VON Coalition's Executive director.

Voice blogging.

dukaBUZZ is a tool developed for bloggers and social media junkies that want to hear from their readers. Instead of typing and posting written comments, site visitors record audio comments using the dukaBUZZ widget and their standard phone (no software downloads or headsets required). To record a comment, users simply click the "Record a Comment" button and answer the automated call that prompts them to leave a message. After the recording is finished, the message is displayed on the dukaBUZZ widget embedded in the blogger's Web site. dukaBUZZ also provides the ability to moderate incoming messages and manage comment history. 

Get a Voki now!

Create speaking Avatars.

Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, anime etc. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added using either a microphone, it can make an IP to PSTN call to your phone, you can make a PSTN to IP call to record your voice, or even use a text to speach converter to create the voice.

Broadcast your voice in an emergency.

The phonevite gadget is a communication tool that enables you to instantly record a message, in your own voice, and broadcast it to multiple phone numbers, landline or mobile. In the event of an emergency, you can reach co-workers all at once, send a message to your whole family at once, or let everyone on the soccer team know the game is cancelled. 

Connect all your phones at once with a click.

GrandCentral doesn't replace your phones, it just links them together and helps them do more. How do they do that? They give people One Number...for Life - a number that's not tied to a phone or a location - but tied to you. As a result, you can be reached with a single number, answer a call at any phone you want, seamlessly switch phones in the middle of a call, and even know whether a call is important before you take it.  In this case, clicking the button allows you to connect to the VON Coalition's executive director.

Hotel Search and call.

Before your next trip, use this innovative tool to map hotels in your destination city with available rooms that meet your criteria. Check their price range, then click to call, It uses your computer’s microphone to enable you to speak directly with the hotel’s PSTN phone.  Just click on the picture at left. 
Or set up and control a live conference call from this page

Create a web based conference calls

Start a phone conference call and control it from the web or gadget. Just enter the phone numbers for those who are to be on the conference call and set a starting time -- immediately or at some later date. At the given times, people will be called and connected together. Then from the web site, you can add additional people to conference in, add sounds, or record the conference call.
Send Voice Telegrams >

Send a voice telegram.

Mindgram is a telegram reminder service that allows you to send a voice message to any U.S. and Canadian telephone number at a scheduled time. Use it to remind yourself or others of an important appointment, deliver a special message, or simply to make your own phone ring at a specific time. There are many ways to use this service. Just imagine the possibilities! 

Add a "Call Me" button for your blog or web-page

Call any number Free from your desktop simply by typing in a phone number. Your phone will ring and SpokenBuzz will connect you to the number you typed in. Your web site is simply used to initiate calls that connect calls to your land-line or mobile phone. 

Mashup music and voice for personalized greetings

Make yourself heard, and connect your cellphone with personal voice messages. Greet friends with a mix of your voice and favorite music. Friends record a public or private Buz voice message for you. Public messages can be heard by visitors. Broadcast your own voice to a group of friends or mix it with music for a special occasion -birthday, holiday, tell her you love her and more. Enter your cell phone number and receive Buz's right into your cell voicemail. Or enter your phone number into the widget and it will call you to record. Add it to yout Facebook page:  or

Example: Click this private link to connect:

Protect your privacy - dont give out your phone number online

Don't give out your number, post a link and get a call. dukaLINK is click to call technology that provides you with a standard URL that can be placed on any Web site or email, which can trigger phone calls. When site visitors or email recipients click, they are taken to an input form and prompted for their phone number to automatically call you for free. It assures your privacy by forwarding calls to you at the number you've designated and can be "disabled" when no longer needed. These links are especially useful for online classifieds, auction sites, social networking or anywhere you prefer to keep your personal phone number hidden.The link on the left will connect you with the VON Executive Director. 

Connect with the world

Place a free trial phone call of up to 60 minutes between North America, most of Europe, Chile, Guam, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. No account required. 
Phone number (international format):
sound to play:
Number of Tries:
Or vist  to set up a call.

Send yourself a wake up call

PhoneBugger lets you send messages to yourself to remind you to get out of bed, about something you need to do, or to send a friend a birthday wish in advance. Add to Facebokk too:  or 

Call Congressional Committees -- each office in sequence

Your Phone Number:

1-( ) - -

Call the:

Connect with Democracy is a free application built on open source VoIP software designed by a grad student to allow you to call any Congressional Committee and connect with democracy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your phone number on the left.
  2. Press 'Connect me to the committee.'
  3. Wait for Committee Caller's automated voice application to call you.
  4. Pick up the phone and wait for Committee Caller to ask you to press 1 to begin calling.
  5. Once connected Committee Caller will tell you which representative you are calling, who their legislative director or chief of staff is, and what district they represent.
  6. Stay on after each representative hangs up to rate each call and move on to the next member of the committee.
  7. At any point you can use the * to hang up the call and move on to the next one. Remember not to hang up after each call as you will have the opportunity to rate how your call went.
  8. For test purposes, you can also select the fictional "Senate Committee on Network Neutrality and Broadband Oversight" which will connect you to Fandango every time.


Make a Text to Speech Call to Senators
Opposing Phantom Traffic Legislation

Choose a Senator to call:
Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Senators phone number:
Your voice preference:

Your Comments

Please personalize your message

Giving voice to people with disabilities.

Using a text to speech tool like this, people with speaking disabilities can make voice calls. In this case, people with speaking disabilities can contact Senators on the Senate Commerce committee to oppose phantom traffic legislation that would have the effect of impeding innovative tools like this.