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national mapEnsuring a uniform national framework for VoIP helps to enable new innovations and investment.  For Interconnected VoIP services that substitute for a traditional phone service, it helps ensure consistent levels of 911 access, privacy protection, universal service support, from one jurisdiction to another -- without having to comply with a patchwork of potential conflicting state and local rules.  For new and innovative Internet communications technologies that aren't substitutes for tradition phone services, preventing conflicting state rules can help advance consumer benefits in a largely unregulated environment.

In 2004, the FCC released the landmark "Vonage Order" which prevented potentially conflicting state regulatory models from being applied to Vonage's VoIP service in exchange for a nation regulatory framework. The FCC recognized that innovative and evolving services such as VoIP should not be subject to a patchwork of regulations that would directly conflict with the goals of the federal Act and the FCC’s pro-competitive deregulatory rules.  In doing so, the FCC also made clear that pre-empting state regulation of VoIP services was essential to “increase investment and innovation in [VoIP services] to the benefit of American consumers.”

Policymakers at all levels – in Congress, at the FCC, in the states, and in the courts -- have come to recognize that to unleash the vast benefits that VoIP can deliver, policymakers must avoid applying a potential patchwork of multiple and inevitably conflicting regulatory models. But its time to make it clear for ALL VoIP services.

In its Vonage decision, the commission made clear that they would also assert exclusive federal jurisdiction for other similar types of VoIP services. Now that the courts have reaffirmed the Vonage Order and the commission’s authority to do so, it’s time to take the next step and confirm a national framework for all VoIP services.

Tell the FCC that to ensure a uniform national framework for all VoIP services.

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